Florida Shooting

Police Officer Shot Dead in Florida ?
Authorities say a police officer was fatally shot in Tarpon Springs , Florida Earlier this morning

Police Officer Shot Dead in Florida ?
According to the associated Press , the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office said in a Statement on the killing , that the shooting that happened around 3:00 that morning of December 21st 2014 ,The Orlando Sentinel adds that Cecilia Berreda , a Spokeswoman for the Sheriffs Office, said that a suspect is Currently in custody

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Police Officer Shot Dead in Florida ?
The Authorities also said the suspect fled the scene of the shooting in a vehicle and crashed into a pole and another vehicle as well. The officer was apprehended by the police that very location. Details are in the works , but the Sentinel says the Sheriffs Office is still investigating the whole incident. The Statement also said that a news conference will be held about the murder of the Florida Police Officer later on today

Here is a Video with some more information on the Police Officer Shot Dead in Florida

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