Iggy Azalea Pleads for her safety. Is seems like the Australian rapper can’t catch a break these days. She has the beef with Azealia Banks,She was threatened by the hacker named anonymous, Q-tip schools her for about two hours straight now she is pleading to a judge because of an ex boyfriend.Geez this has been a full week for the “Fancy” rapper. Iggy Azalea is pleading with a judge to block her ex-BF’s attempt to force her back to Texas. She says he’s violent and she fears for her safety. There was also the lil beef between Snoop Dog and rapper Eminem made a diss lyric about her. Can TI help iggy get out of this one?


Iggy is embroiled in a bitter lawsuit with Hefe Wine — she sued him for surreptitiously downloading her personal computer and trying to hawk her music.Wine is asking the judge to move the case from L.A. to Houston, where he lives, but Iggy is panicked. She says that’s his turf and he’s “vindictive and violent.” It seems she’s saying Wine has more access to her if she comes to him.There’s another reason why she feels safer in L.A. — boyfriend/Lakers’ guard/6’7″ Nick Young.