During the Panthers v. Browns game yesterday, Manziel suffered a hamstring injury and fans were heard cheering when it happened. Cam Newton felt that their actions were “classless”. Hit the jump for details.

Via Stunna Life:

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers caught a huge break yesterday when the Falcons beat the Saints and set up a winner take all next Sunday for the NFC South between the Panthers and Falcons.

While that is a great thing for them, Cam was very disappointed with how many of his Panthers fans acted when Johnny Manziel got injured during the game.

He went down to the turf in pain with what wound up being hamstring injury, but you could hear fans cheering while he laid down on the ground, as if they were happy he was injured.

It is cool for fans to not want the opposing teams quarterback in the game, but you should never cheer for an injury because that injury could alter a players life forever if it was bad enough.

Cam took issue with his fans about it:

The only thing I can say is it was sad to see the crowd’s response when he was getting hurt, man.

I just think it was classless. Anytime a person’s hurt, you don’t celebrate. It takes the integrity out of the game.

But for the crowd to respond in that type of way, we’re better than that. That’s not who we are

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