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Dunkin Dounts First Epic Break Up? Break ups are always tough especially around the holidays….tell Nicki Minaj about it, or the millions of singles that won’t be meeting anyone under the mistletoe this holiday season due to a break up. Well one Dunkin Dounuts employees decided to let Dunkin Donuts; America’s favorite coffee and baked goods shop know exactly what the large chain will be missing now that he’s gone…….”Not only did I bring great service but I changed lives with my s**t”.Once a good employee has gone bad, he gone forever… So grab a box of tissue and check out the full story below.


“Dunkin is losing there best employee this Saturday. No one can make yo bagel w/ cream cheese with a medium ice coffee hazelnut with 3 creams 3 sugars better than ya boy. After 4 years ya boi has got to leave the kitchen he once whipped u work in. It’s like every Sunday going to church in the morning and talking to god, but now every Sunday your god is no longer there… Who’s gonna save you now? Idk but I know the rest of the f*ck bois will never compare to, you guessed it, ya boi. Not only did I bring great service but I changed lives with my shit. My boston kremes made n*ggas feel like they had a way out the struggle. My ice coffee made white girls think that it’d be ok to bring me home to there father and tell him they want to marry me.”