Christmas is here, and you bought amazing gifts for all of the kids in the family, and even got your man all of the gadgets he wanted. Things can get stressful during this time of year with all of the money you’re shelling out and the lengths you go to do try and make others happy, so what about cooling down and heading on over to the “Naughty” list when the kids are asleep?

Hit the jump for a few ideas on what you can do for your man this Christmas.

1. If you don’t usually massage him or are too busy, do it now! Give him a massage – a full body one – and don’t talk…just let him enjoy it!
2. A little role play with some sexy lingerie never hurt! Mrs. Claus would probably wear some sexy red lingerie, wouldn’t she?
3. Surprise him with a quick getaway to relieve some stress. Money may be low, but there are so many things that can be done around here that we overlook: a weekend at a local hotel, or even just a weekend at home, sending the kids off to your parents’!
4. NUDES! Take some pictures of yourself(18+ pics) and give them to him for his pleasure.
5. This one may be the hardest to accomplish: Avoid any confrontation or arguments for 24 hours! He may really need just a day of pure peace.