In Christmas at Rikers and Other Bobby Shmurda Updates, defense lawyer Greenberg takes a visit to his high profile client, no word on the reported $2 million bail still hanging, prosecution reports the rapper’s lyrics will NOT be used as evidence against him during trial, and more…

While many of us were watching kids open gifts, enjoying a nice Christmas dinner, working, and/or surfing the net as usual, the “Shmoney dance” pioneer and Brooklyn’s own Hot Ni**a spent Christmas at the Rikers Island penitentiary in New York. (He did get a family visit though!)

This all follows the now infamous indictment of Bobby Shmurda, aka Ackquille Pollard and his East Flatbush GS9 crew out of Brooklyn, after a sting operation at Quad City Studios which has Bobby looking at 8–25 years in prison if convicted of various conspiracy, murder and assault charges.

Christmas at Rikers and Other Bobby Shmurda Updates since he was arrested on the 17th of this month, many headlines have surfaced regarding his lawyer’s comments about the government’s “hatred” towards rap/rappers and even the response of the Hip Hop community–namely Meek Mill–to the social and media storm that’s surrounded what’s really a sad situation.

Bobby’s lawyer Howard Greenberg, a highly regarded and veteran criminal defense attorney, adds on to his recent comments. Stating the text of the indictment is so far “a joke,” based solely on talk and social media “because they don’t know how to respect a person,” and reports there’s no word of the Epic record label putting up the $2 million bail as was previously confirmed. He says they’re “trying to put something else together now.” (Uh huh…sounds like a back out to me.) In his final thoughts on the situation Greenberg does emphasize his legal loyalty in what he feels is a ridiculous case against Bobby specifically:

“My guy’s rich, he’s busy. He’s always on tour. He’s supposedly leader of this crew, but he’s not charged with any violence. Use your head, it doesn’t make any sense. I’m not going to let them crucify Bobby Shmurda.”

Unfortunately that’s Christmas at Rikers and Other Bobby Shmurda Updates, we’ll def keep you posted.

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