Eric Garner’s Daughter Tweets Police Officer’s Address. Eric Garner’s daughter Emerald Garner has been in the news a lot lately. She’s been protesting on behalf of her father Eric Garner who was placed in the choke hold and killed on video. Emerald even symbolically dies in the same spot her father was murdered in. She has also been seen supporting the families of the two NYPD officers that were killed last week. People are now beginning to question emerald. She tweeted out the addresses of the police officers involved in her fathers death. Police are outraged and calling her behavior “disgusting” What is Emerald intention behind her tweet(that’s now deleted)? Details below


Erica Garner, Eric Garner’s daughter, is in the hot seat today regarding a Tweet she sent out over the Christmas holidays, causing outrage among New York City Police department officers and supporters. According to a report by the New York Post, at 1:45 a.m., Erica Garner tweeted the name of one of the officers who was present during her father’s choke hold death. The message she posted to Twitter stated the following.“another officer that helped killed my dad”

According to the Daily Mail, the message was posted with an accompanying link that sent readers to a website which contained the address of police officer Justin D’Amico and several of his possible family members. Justin D’Amico was Daniel Pantaleo’s partner. A grand jury did not indict Daniel Pantaleo in the choke hold death of Eric Garner. The website that contained the private information is Pastebin.com, a sort of a dropbox-style website application which allows anyone to paste text to share.

Some say Erica Garner’s actions, though harmful, are understandable, since she feels that her family received no justice. People lash out when angry or hurt, community members say. NYPD officers believe that her actions were dangerous, “disgusting,” and showed her true character. Others agreed that tweeting a police officer’s private information could cause harm to the officer and his family members.