LA Reid on State of the Industry
In a recent sit-down L.A. Reid Tells Black Artists Stop Using the B-Word among other bold statements as one of the music industry’s most successful and decorated black executives opened up about the state of the R&B, songwriting, Hip Hop and black culture today.

L.A. Reid Tells Black Artists Stop Using the B-Word in what seemed depressing but necessary for him to have to say, emphasizing many of today’s artists are going for “low-hanging fruit” and most acts are clearly not “willing to climb the mountain to greatness.” Though he was quick to not blame Hip Hop for the “hole in performance talent” he sees across the board, he mos def had constructive and critical comments on today’s game. In the wake of the Iggy Azalea/Action Bronson backlash to Azaelia Banks/Q-Tip and now Lupe Fiasco’s defense of black “culture smudging,” the industry heavyweight brings more perspective and #facts to the table.

While L.A. Reid Tells Black Artists Stop Using the B-Word he’s also the man who recently stated he “knew that Usher would be a star when he was 14” and who’s also responsible for careers highlights of TLC, Pink, Tamar Braxton and a host of legends. Reid is also more than a record executive, he’s a musician and songwriter himself, urging–black artists especially–to understand “there are some cool words that aren’t b*tch.”

“I just wanna tell these kids, like, increase your vocabulary, give me some new words, give old words new meaning, give me some melodies, give me some music that absolutely will last the next 100 years.”

In addition were his comments on the changing face of black music today–ie. Adele and Sam Smith in favor of Donny Hathway and Marvin Gaye. “I can’t help but notice” he went on to comment about the success of “Blurred Lines,” Ariana Grande and more.

“I don’t think Hip Hop is to blame I think education is the blame. If kids actually went to school and learned how to play instruments, music education was the first thing cut in our communities…if you can’t play, you can’t write. It goes deep.”

Does it? As an industry exec did he neglect the role the industry plays in all this? What do you think?

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