_ (Video) Man Burns Down Woman's House After She Rejected Him On Facebook!

A man set a woman’s house on fire after she rejected him on Facebook. Read more on the crazy story after the jump!

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The woman who’s house it was is 22-year-old single mom Joanie Yount. Yount and her 3-year-old son are now left without a home during the holiday season. Frankfort Police Department’s representative, Major Robert Warfel, says that the woman was being harassed online. He goes on to say, “This is one of those tragic situations where somebody is now without a home and for such a minor reason…It’s disturbing.” The 37 year old man who burned down the house is named James Graham. Graham is from Kentucky and he was indicted on charges of arson and burglary.

The charges were filed against him after police said that he broke into the home of Joanie Yount and set the house on fire because she had rejected him on Facebook. Graham was posting comments on Yount’s Facebook photos and it made her feel very uncomfortable, because of that she asked him to leave her alone. Graham was a friend of a friend and Joanie Yount wasn’t interested in him. Police said that he just would not back off. Graham found an unlocked door and let himself inside Yount’s bedroom. He then set a box near her bed on fire and he fled the scene.

Samantha Beagle and her husband tried to save her sister Yount’s home but it was already too late. Beagle says this about her sister, “It got to the point that she was very aggravated…she doesn’t want a relationship, she just wants people to leave her alone. When it comes to stuff like that, either be decent or don’t bother her at all.”
There’s no floors or ceilings in some of the rooms in the home because of the amount of smoke and water damage. Luckily Yount and her son were not home during the fire. They are still not able to stay in the house due to the extensive damage of the home and they’re now staying with family.

Check out the video below!