Dude Eats Lightbulb On Camera.. Seriously. What would you do for a little online notoriety, put up embarrassing videos of your dysfunctional family during Christmas? Perhaps maybe put out a sextape, those seem to be burning up these online streets like hotcakes. What about eating a lightbulb? Yes, a lightbulb. Check out the video below after the jump.

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Now for you online trolls saying this video might be fake, I’d like to see you try this. But to this dude, whoever he is.. don’t you have friends to tell you that hey man, this might not be the best thing for you to do or some family members who really care about you to prevent you from eating glass on camera for the entertainment of strangers online? Seriously, any of those sharp glasses that you crunched up could easily, it’s not food that your body can just digest and can cause you internal damage. Either way its not my issue, eat as much glass as you please my man. What do you guys think about this video, lame, corny and attention seeking or mortal living amongst us human peasants? Drop your comments below.