Pee Wee Herman Making A Return ?
You don’t have to pay close attention for you to know that Pee wee Herman has a load of titles that became available on Netflix earlier this month, it’s not simply a move powered by nostalgia. It’s been announced that Paul Reubens’ character will have a new adventure that Netflix will stream sometime in 2016. The Judd Apatow-produced film will begin shooting in Spring 2015.

Pee Wee Herman Making A Return
A new Pee-wee film had been discussed for a few years. Universal began kicking the tires, but eventually it let too much time pass without a decision, and the Apatow-shepherded movie has now made its way to Netflix. In November, Reubens held this information close to his vest, though his heart was apparently bursting with excitement:

“We now have such an amazing company involved, and that’s the really big announcement that hasn’t been made yet,”
He Said to the AV Club. The Pee wee-Netflix union makes sense: although 2015 will be the 30-year anniversary of Tim Burton’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (Pee-wee’s first film), and while there is a strong fan base that’s returned for a few TV specials over the years, it has been more than 25-years since the last actual full fleshed Pee wee movie (Pee-wee’s Big Top). So, a big theatrical movie would’ve been a a questionable coin toss of a decision. Netflix, that was mentioned before as a “amazing company”, has spent pretty well on its own television shows, and they should give Pee wee his first proper movie sheen in decades.

Pee Wee Herman Making A Return
There is no director slated yet, and Reubens hasn’t revealed any script details (which Reubens co-wrote with Paul Rust who contributed to The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway, Netflix’s Arrested Development and the upcoming Apatow-Netflix produced comedy, Love). More announcements should be out soon and make sure to check out inflexwetrust.com to be the first to hear them !!.