Mike Vick has really come full circle. Nike dropped him fast back when the dog fighting charges arose and companies, especially Nike rarely, if ever do business with someone again after they dropped them. Vick has obviously done enough in the eyes of the company to restore their commitment to him and to restore himself in the eyes of the public. They plan on re-releasing the Air Zoom Vick 2 which was first released back in 2005.


Previously, there were only rumors floating around about the possibility of the Nike Air Zoom Vick 2 returning and now we have images of the actual production sample. We haven’t seen this trainer release since 2005 so Nike bringing it back 10 years later falls in line with their normal retro schedule. Michael Vick’s second signature shoe will indeed retro Fall of 2015. The original “Falcons” colorway is up first for the Nike Air Zoom Vick 2.