Millions March LA

While it’s apparently (allegedly) the NYPD vs. everyone on the east coast, communities on the west coast are among those still coming together in peaceful protest for #BlackLivesMatter. Tyga, DJ Mustard, The Game and More with Millions March LA have again taken it to the streets today to keep the movement in swing.

The city of Los Angeles spent hours preparing for what organizers call “Phase One,” bringing the likes of Tyga, DJ Mustard, The Game and More with Millions March LA sporting “Are We Next?” t-shirts. This is the bi-coastal compliment to New York’s successful Millions March NYC, which brought out over 50,000 bodies in memory of those slain innocently by police across the country last month. The protest has run down some of the city’s key streets and brings out not just youth and activists, but athletes like NBA star Steve Nash as well (see gallery).

If you’re surprised at Tyga, DJ Mustard, The Game and More with Millions March LA just take notice of the activism that’s ballooned in the Hip Hop community over the past 6 months. Namely by The Game, who was one of the first to act by crafting the Mike Brown tribute record “Don’t Shoot” and recently stirred up controversy for his “I Can’t Breathe” comments against police earlier this month.

The organizers of Million March LA urged via its Facebook page that this was a “peaceful protest of purpose to demand justice and instill change in America.” Amid rumors they also put out this statement:

“In regards to any concerns or array of posts that have circled social media, Millions March LA would like to finally and explicitly express that today’s action is SAFE and WELL ORGANIZED. We have and will have lawyers from the lawyer’s guild present to observe, EMT professionals and first aide kits handy, a permit given the size of our march and the main streets we will be marching on, and lastly dozens if not 100+ trained volunteers ready to assist and ensure a smooth process.”

When you add Tyga, DJ Mustard, The Game and More to the Millions March LA it looks like they had all the pieces in place for a mission accomplished on the day.


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