Congrats to the Deans! Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz welcome their second child into the world, and continue the ever-growing expansion of their beautiful blended family. Swizz who had three children prior to Alicia’s and his marriage, is now the proud pappy of five healthy children. Atta Boy! The force is strong with him. Alicia Key is now the proud mommy of two. Find out the sex of the baby, and first photo shared by the happy parents inside!

Awwww its good to see some joy and positivity this Christmas season. Amid all the deaths and horiible things taking place in our nation, it’s good that we can share in on the joy of Alicia and Swizz, who welcomed their second healthy baby boy on December 27th, 2014. The couple who practically radiates with love and happiness, opted to name their new baby boy, Genesis Ali Dean. The couple chose yet another symbolic name for their newest little bundle of joy. Genesis ,the start or he beginning of something. See the two share their joy over their new little guy in the gallery above.

Andrea G
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