Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles sold T-shirts, DVDs, and many other promotional materials from her successful career. Find out why he’s selling her famous memorabilia and read more on the story after the jump!

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Mathew Knowles started selling her things outside of his office in Houston. He shut down the rumors of him selling the memorabilia for financial problems. The 63-year-old told a local NBC station about the garage sale by saying, “Somehow that became we are going out of business, homeless and selling all of Beyonce’s stuff to stay alive, which as you can see it’s just the opposite.” He says, ‘If I needed money, I wouldn’t sell $5 T-shirts…I’d sell a Grammy or an MTV award.” He goes on to say, “so that is insulting to think we need to sell $5 T-shirts…No, I don’t think so.”

He gave the NBC reporter a tour of the Music World Entertainment Complex which also includes recording studios, Rice Mansion, and the House of Dereon Media Center. Mathew Knowles made around $2,000 from the garage sale of Beyonce’s memorabilia. He says he is just happy to clean out the pile of things that has gathered around the years.