Oh boy, Johnny Manziel, for better or worse just continues to put himself in positions off the field that leave him susceptible to being looked at in a negative light by his team. This time he was fined for being late for an injury treatment appointment, but it is the reported reason why he was late which is the big problem.


Via LBS:

Johnny Manziel was fined by the Cleveland Browns on Saturday after he was late for scheduled treatment on his injured hamstring. You can probably guess why he was tardy.

According to Jason La Canfora of CBSSports.com, Manziel threw a “big party” on Friday night. Several of Manziel’s teammates reportedly attended the bash, which could be the reason a handful of players were late for work on Saturday.

It gets better.

La Canfora reports that the Browns had to send security personnel to Manziel’s house on Saturday to locate him when he did not show up to the team facility. That would seem to indicate that Manziel was more of a no-call, no-show than a “sorry I’m late, there was traffic.”

This has to be a concern for the Browns. Plenty of people have argued that the media’s coverage of Manziel’s personal life is out of control, and that is true to an extent. But by showing up late the day after throwing a party and allowing people to take photos like this, Manziel continues to fuel the fire.

It took Manziel less than a week to screw up again after he vowed to take his job more seriously. If he keeps focusing on partying more than football, Johnny Football’s professional career will be over before it started.