Solange Owes Taxes

The year’s definitely been interesting to say the least for the fashion icon, businesswoman and recording artist as now Solange Knowles Owes $50,000 in Back Taxes After Secret Wedding. Seems like with every step forward something’s pulling her back…Keep ya head up!

While there was plenty of joy at the surprise wedding of Solange to her new hubby Alan Ferguson this season, the dancing has stopped and it seems we’re out of the “No Flex Zone.” It’s now reported that Solange Knowles Owes $50,000 in Back Taxes After Secret Wedding and as a result more money woes are surfacing.

Hopefully the news of trouble behind Solange Knowles Owes $50,000 in Back Taxes After Secret Wedding is not a set-up to another casualty of the IRS, who previously have jailed Wesley Snipes and Lauryn Hill for leaving the Feds hanging over officially insufficient funds as well citing Lil’ Kim, Lil’ Wayne and a host of others in just this year alone.

Hit the DAY after her wedding (SMH, damn), the State of California claims she owes well over $50,000 from 2010-2012, most likely delivering the news while she was still on her honeymoon in New Orleans. Yikes. Even still, with a new beginning, spirited tenacity and ongoing creativity we know she’ll make come through like the true individual she is.

After all, she’s fought through tighter situations than this, literally.

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