Man Dies After Being Suffocated By Mall Cops. “I Can’t Breathe” chanted six times by Cochran, the man who was being suffocated by mall security guards after being pepper sprayed. They were called into action because the store owner “observed” him and felt uncomfortable. Check out the video of the horrifying act after the jump.

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So here we go again, months after the Eric Gardner incident occurred, another event similar to it occurs. This is nothing but another case of these hired security guards overdoing their job and not taking proper precautions when dealing with a situation. If someone is telling you in a muffled voice that they can’t breathe, you should probably let them get some sort of air circulation in their system and not tell them “If you can talk, you can breathe”. That’s disgusting! I’ve been saying this for the longest of time, these security guards, cops etc need to develop a better way of handling situations than thinking that everyone they come across doesn’t matter. Every life matters and something has to be done about those who murder citizens in the name of the “law” and somehow get away with it. Drop your comments below and let me know what you guys think should be done about this situation.

Source: Worldstar