It has been a tough past two weeks for GS9 members Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel (and everyone else in their crew who got knocked in a raid.) NYPD ran down on the the GS9 members while they were recording at Quad Studios in New York City and seized over 21 firearms, a massive amount of drugs and so on. Their bail is currently set at 2 million dollars and the cops have apparently been investigating the alleged crip members for over two years. It has been very quiet from their side due to obvious reasons but Rowdy Rebel from the crew was the first one to break the silence and release a statement via a phone call from jail. He is being accused of shooting someone and then going to perform at the Barclay Center in the same exact clothes he just committed the crime in. The girlfriend of the “Computers” rapper recorded a brief conversation with the Brooklyn native and posted it online. Check it out below. I hope Bobby releases some sort of statement, too, as well! Such a crazy situation.

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