Years later and Suge Knight is STILL talking about Snoop? Is he ever gonna get over things? Anyway, Suge was talking about how he thinks parents should stay far away from coaching their kids in sports. His comments seem personally directed at Snoop for some reason, which wouldn’t make much sense because Snoop helped coach his son Cordell to become one of the best high school wide receivers in the country. Suge hating?


It all went down outside Mastro’s Steakhouse in Bev Hills — when Knight told TMZ Sports why he thinks the parent/child coaching dynamic is a bad idea that can be harmful to the kid.

But then came the apparent Snoop diss — when Suge said, “A lot of fathers who didn’t play football or play sports really try to pave the way for their kids to be great … you can’t do that.”

Of course, Snoop — who reportedly didn’t play high school football — has famously coached his son’s youth football teams and even created his own youth football league in L.A.