It looks like Azealia Banks will have another target for her hip hop debate. With race being a densely discussed topic among citizens, hip hop isn’t far behind on the international sector, thanks to Banks disdain for Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea.

Well, Iggy isn’t the only female Aussie with dreams of being in the rap game. RoboCop actress Abbie Cornish does too. From the look of things, she’s well on her way too, as Cornish is the opening act for the Australian tour, starring Nas.

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Cornish, best known for her role as Clara Murphy in the 2014 film, RoboCop will be rapper Nas’ opening act during his Australian tour of Illmatic. For weeks now, the actress who goes by the pseudonym, Dusk has been excitedly posting the news to her Instagram.

I’m supporting @nasnyc on his Australian ‘Illmatic’ tour in January, 2015!! The tour will take place in five capital cities from the 20th to the 29th January.

Dusk has recently completed her debut EP, Key of the Sun and is set to release two of the six tracks at the beginning of 2015.

A six track hip hop/rap album, featuring the Australian hip hop group @hilltophoods and female vocalist @janetyrrell. ‘Evolve’ and ‘Way Back Home’, two tracks from the EP, will be released at the beginning of 2015. ‘Way Back Home’ will also feature a music video shot by @selinamiles.

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