90’s R&B singing sensation Monica recently posted a flick along side rapper Ludacris on a boat somewhere tropical lounging in the sun. A random commenter was trolling on her page and wrote, “y’all f*cking.” The “That Boy Is Mine” singer quickly clapped back and came at the chick saying, “were country but not that country!!! Were cousins slow bunny… go nite nite… hence the word family.” Uh oh! Even R&B chicks can get gangsta from time to time, too. The comment section started blowing up (as it usually always does when someone says something stupid to a celebrity) and all hell broke loose.

HOWEVER– in all fairness, I had no idea Monica and Luda were cousins so, it’s not the most outlandish thing to think. She DOES post a billion pics of her husband and children, though. Oh well! Lesson learned. Check out the dramaaaaaaa over in the gallery. (Sidebar: I want to be apart of that family! They got monnnnnneeeeeeyyy!)

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