Man Confesses to Murder on Live TV as Aaron McGriff age 30 takes a candid moment to speak on a situation that ended in homicide.

Man Confesses to Murder on Live TV and now Aaron McGriff is charged with the murder of 18 year old Adrian Jamal Williams Jr. While sadly black-on-black crime is nothing unusual, on-cam confessions are. In the spirit to break the ills of the “stop snitching” culture this is the latest since Master P announced a cash reward for the confession of a murder in Kentucky last week.

As far as Aaron McGriff, the Man Confesses to Murder on Live TV in a very brief but sincere clip speaking to the neighborhood and residents of Grier Heights in Charlotte, North Carolina. Another highlight of the clip (beyond the fact of its sheer existence) is Aaron made sure to emphasize it was in self defense. Not sure that this will fair him any better in court, without even bringing up the bleak statistics on felony sentencing for black males compared to other races. But Aaron definitely coughed up the courage on this one.

That’s an open and shut case for the Grier Heights community as Man Confesses to Murder on Live TV. Some feel he ultimately played himself unnecessarily. Others appreciate his gesture in taking responsibility, as the neighborhood had been seeing a rampant amount of violence lately.

Sounds like compassion broke through…but what you think? And would you confess if it was you? Check the vid and sound off!

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