By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Meet Me in Temecula” story that swept Twitter and the Internet period on Christmas day.  Twitter users @SnottieDrippen and @MyTweetsRealAF engaged in an online argument that initially began over Kobe Bryant.  Mr. Real AF, whose real name is David, drove to Temecula to fight Snottie who then tweeted that he was at his mother’s house in Arizona and laughed at David for making the trip over Twitter comments.  David did an interview with Huffington Post to clear the air, explain his side of the story and why he felt justified in making the drive on Christmas day.  A picture of David doing the interview alongside a picture of his Twitter avi for comparison showed a vast difference and of course Twitter went in.

Shay Marie

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At this point Twitter was over his explanations and was more focused on the discrepancy in his appearance.

Well if you are interested in what David had to say you can watch the interview on Huffington Post Live where his main point is about respect and people saying things on Twitter that they wouldn’t say in someone’s face.  Well you can add these jokes on his appearance to the list.

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