Kylie Jenner is pissed off because she cannot join her rumored boyfriend to guzzle champagne on New Years Eve. The 17-year-old reality TV star is “pissed” that she’s too famous to get a fake ID and “loves partying with Tyga.” Sources close to Kylie reveal, “She is telling her sisters that it is not fair that she is so famous because she cannot get a fake ID or go out to a club or bar without people automatically knowing who she is.” However, she apparently planned to sneak into some clubs and even attend a few house parties regardless of her ID crisis. Kylie still has a total of FOUR years before she can legally hit the club with her famous pals but she first needs to turn 18 for obvious reasons. Sources added, “She is looking forward to 2015 because she will finally be 18 and will be allowed to do whatever she wants and can finally go public with Tyga since she will be an adult.” Regardless of her family all dissaproving of their romance, looks like nobody can tell Kylie a thing.

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Source: RadarOnline