Kevin Durant as well as OKC fans need to get used to the fact that free agency talk regarding him is only going to get stronger with each passing day, week and month until the summer of 2016! The talk of him returning home to the Washington DC area to play for the Wizards is the focus of all rumors, especially today since OKC is actually Hosting Washington. Now another NBA player, Ty Lawson who knows KD even before the NBA because they are roughly from the same area, is saying he has talked with Durant about the move.


“I’ve talked to him about it, but I probably can’t tell you what he said,” Lawson laughingly told CSNwashington.com when the Nuggets visited last month.

“We talked about it. Everybody going home and playing for their respective cities,” Lawson said. “It would be cool, especially playing with the people you grew up with. I grew up with KD. It would be fun to play with them on one team.”

Lawson obviously is kinda throwing himself in the package to Washington as well, but with John Wall holding down PG duties in D.C., Lawson is likely to never be playing for his hometown team. Funny though Lawson joked about having to get tickets all the time if he played at home and Durant mentioned that same thing over a year ago, as if it was something already on his mind.

Only time will tell, but we are going to hear PLENTY of rumors between now and then.