Wanting revenge sometimes is a natural feeling but when you verbalize it, especially in the NFL, you are going to attract the attention of people you really do not want to hear from, like the Commissioner. Cowboys Barry Church is still angry and making a threat over what he feels was a dirty hit by then Seahawks receiver Golden Tate on his teammate Sean Lee. Tate is now with the Lions, whom the Cowboys play this weekend and Church is making no secret about what he intends to do!


Via LBS:

Church said in a radio interview with KRLD Wednesday that he was looking forward to getting revenge on Tate for delivering a hit that injured Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee in 2012 (Tate was a member of the Seahawks then).

“That was the dirtiest shot that I’ve ever seen,” Church told KRLD-FM. “We were talking about it on the way back from Washington, me and Sean. He was like, ‘Man I wish I could play so bad in this game just to give him a little payback to what he did in Seattle.’ Obviously he can’t play but we’re going to keep our radar out for him because that was a dirty shot. We’re looking forward to seeing him and we’ll definitely get him back for that, but it’ll be within the rules, within the rules.”