Rapper Released 347 Albums

Rapper Released 347 Albums in 2014 as the MC known as “Viper” dropped his last album of last year earlier this week, continuing to out-grind even the most ambitious of hustlers.

Rapper Released 347 Albums in 2014 putting pretty much everyone’s hustle to shame. While some artists are out trying to get signed and others are already established, resting on the laurels of popular mixtapes and classic albums put out in the past of their careers, Houston native Viper’s been putting in work!

Viper, who’s as “as prolific as he is repetitive,” has been FOCUSED man. With albums like “F*ck Tha World It Ain’t Real I Bend Tha Spoon Wit My Mind 2” and noted tracks such as “That There’s A Stash Spot,” “You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack,” (over 550,000 views on Youtube btw, check the vids below) and his most recent “Mallin,” he’s a man with a dream who doesn’t need your approval or acceptance (Message!).

“Sure, the beats are fairly weak, and, if we’re honest, the lyrics, diction and flow all leave a lot to be desired. Yet, over the course of 2014, Viper has produced almost an album a day and (with an average of 15 songs per album) somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,200 individual tracks.”

Viper also currently has over 44,000 followers on Twitter, theoretically just waiting for him to drop that 2015 fire. You rappers think you grind heavy?! *Barely*

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