Kid Rock Calls Rap-Rock Gay

Though he’s been an artist who holds a lot of reverence for the roots and culture and Hip Hop, Kid Rock Calls Rap-Rock “Gay” in an interview as the “Bawitdaba” rap-rock star has turned against the genre that launched his career and made him “filthy rich.”

Kid Rock Calls Rap-Rock “Gay” as he sits comfortably in the spoils of the rap-rock music and culture that made him who he is in the public eye. He recently noted that he’s not just wealthy–“he’s loaded,” and that the genre “turned into bullsh*t” and “turned out to be pretty gay” soon after.

“Rap-rock was what people wanted at the time, and they still love those songs at shows. But it turned into a lot of bullshit and it turned out to be pretty gay… If someone says you can’t say ‘gay’ like that you tell them to go fuck themselves. You’re not going to get anything politically correct out of me.”

He does note in his interview that while he’s “made a f*ck-ton of money,” he’s “never made a dishonest dollar.” Kid Rock is widely respected by many Hip Hop and Rock music legends and is also known for country records. And just to refresh, as Kid Rock Calls Rap-Rock “Gay” rap-rock is a spectrum with the likes of the iconic Run-DMC and their Aerosmith collaboration, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and their noted Jay-Z collaboration, just to name a light few.

While his use of the term “gay” is ignorant and he knows it, it’s interesting to hear comments like this as we’re cooling in the aftermath of the Azealia Banks “culture-smudging” debate and Macklemore’s recent comments on white privilege in the music industry. But an artist who is themselves and stands behind their word, we can appreciate that.

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