_Romeo Miller Car Crash

Romeo Miller was in a car crash while test driving a BMW car. Read more on the story and check out the photos in the gallery below!

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Romeo Miller’s brother Young V wrote on his Instagram page that Romeo was in a car crash while test driving a new BMW. On the Instagram post, his bother Young V stated that Romeo was in the passenger seat of the car during the time of the accident. The car appears to be badly damaged in the photo.

Romeo was not hurt in the accident and he is currently resting. The message on the Instagram post stated, “Hey this is Rome bro V. Romeo was the passenger in a motor vehicle collision earlier this morning while being shown a new car … and before any rumors are spread, I am letting you know 1st that (alot of damaged was prevented in what could’ve been a very terrible scene) and everybody involved is alive and well! Romeo will be resting but wanted you guys to know that he is fine and feeling more blessed than ever!#grateful #blessed #life”.

Another post following the car crash photo on Romeo’s Instagram page, which appears to be posted by him, says “As we move into a new year, I have never seen so much hate or racist comments on my page as of those of lately. After being a passenger in yet another car crash and walking away w/my full health (and life!) I am made aware of my many blessings. Life is too short and my advice to anyone trying to be “truly happy” this year is to pay attention to the positives, because there are a lot more of those than the negatives. LIFE IS TOO BEAUTIFUL TO WORRY ABOUT PEOPLE/THINGS THAT DON’T MATTER! I’m not perfect, but I will always use the light I was given to inspire our youth.”

Check out the photos of the car in the gallery!