Women Tased After Failed “Suicide By Cop” Attempt In Texas
Police have recently released some real bone chilling footage of a woman getting tasered after she entered a Texas jail with an airsoft gun attempting to commit “suicide by cop” for committing a robbery.
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Women Tased After Failed “Suicide By Cop” Attempt In Texas
According to Action News affiliate Valley Central, Marisela Martinez Zamora walked into the Hidalgo County Jail with a gun Tuesday afternoon. After tapping the gun on the glass to get an officer’s attention,53year old Marisela Martinez Zamora admitted to stealing $93 from the bail bond office and asked the officer to shoot her. After throwing the money in the air, the woman was taken down by a taser. Sheriff Eddie Guerra told reporters Zamora was previously arrested for making terroristic threats and robbing the local bail bond office.

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After Eddie Guerra went and tasering Zamora, officers realized the gun wasn’t real, it was actually an unloaded airsoft gun. You can see what the airsoft gun that she used looks like up in the Gallery.Zamora was evaluated to see if she has a mental illness. Police believe Zamora’s actions were spurred by her daughter being jailed in Hidalgo county. Zamora was free to go after posting $5,000 bail.

Here’s a Video of the whole thing going down

Women Tased After Failed “Suicide By Cop” Attempt In Texas