Dayum! Azealia Banks gave a harsh reality to Americans on Twitter.
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There was a rumor going around saying that Big Mac was discontinued at McDonalds, when she found out it was all a big lie, she went all the way off. Azealia then discussed fast food and obesity stating that there needs to be a change in what we eat.

Azealia had a few suggestions on how to rid this serious issue, “If I were president, soda and freezer foods would have like a 600% tax on them because AMERICA is too f*cking obese. We must be stopped.” The rapper then compared America and other countries saying their fast food is fresh food, and she’s never seen so much junk anywhere else but in America. I do agree with her, fast food is very unhealthy and all that processed food is the cause of so many diseases.

Do you agree?

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