Sleeping Friend Gets His Ass Lit On Fire.. Literally. What are friends for right? To hook you up with the fat chick that no one wants to talk to, to stay up with you real late at night and also to set you on fire and almost burning you to death. Check out the video after the jump!

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I know Drake’ “No New Friends” was the anthem for everyone last year but it might be time for this guy to get some new friends. Now we all know how annoying it is to be woken up from a beautiful nap or sleep, now imagine being forced to wake up because you felt a burning sensation on your ass all because your friends thought it would be an amazing idea to set you on fire. Seriously!? Dump cold water on me, pinch my face ever so slightly but the moment you think setting me on fire is a good way to wake me up? That’ll be the end of our friendship. No question about it. Luckily for this guy he was completely fine after he woke up and extinguished the fire but good sir? I’d definitely consider some new friends if I were you.

Source: Worldstar