IFWT_Steelers Ravens

The Pittsburgh Steelers were losing to the Baltimore Ravens in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs so one Steelers fan decided he would make the game memorable another way, by running on the field.

Shay Marie

Jake Berlin (@RLBRLN) took to his Twitter account and tweeted a picture of himself at the game and asked for 400 RTs and he’ll run onto Heinz field.  He isn’t the first person to attempt this stunt and like others before him, Twitter tipped off security.

He of course tweeted a photo of himself getting nabbed and carried off by security.

My guess is he wanted retweets, notoriety and social media fame, which he got as he’s spent the day retweeting all his compliments and everyone that mentions his stunt.

He also said he has not been banned from Heinz field.  Lucky break there.

*photos in gallery above*