Things got really heating on Sunday night during the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Indiana Pacers.  Midway through the fourth quarter with Indiana leading 77-74, Hibbert tried to establish position on offense when Boozer shoved him to the ground with two arms.  Hibbert immediately jumped up and charged at Boozer in response, shoving him back before players from both teams and officials intervened.

Shay Marie

Carlos Boozer Shoves Roy Hibbert:

The officials assessed a flagrant foul 1 to Boozer for the shove, a designation that applies to contact that is deemed “unnecessary” and which does not require an automatic ejection. Hibbert was assessed a technical foul for his response.

Afterward, Boozer scoffed at Hibbert. “[Hibbert] flops a lot,” Boozer said.  [He] got up acting like he was a tough guy. We all know he’s not a tough guy.”

Hibbert, sat out the postgame war of words. “Arghhh,” he said. “I don’t want to speak on Carlos.”

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who hit the game-winning shot, took issue with Boozer’s flagrant foul. “I wonder what the league is coming to when that’s a flagrant foul,” Bryant said. “It’s a shame that has to be a flagrant.”

Boozer, Bryant and the Lakers would ultimately get the last laugh, as Hibbert missed a potential game-winning jumper at the buzzer.

Sports Illustrated