Kendrick Lamar and U.K. management company, Woolfsongs Limited have come to an agreement on Kendrick’s illegal usage of “Old and Wise“, a track by Eric Wolfson.

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Top Dawg’s leading gentleman was accused of sampling “Old and Wise” for the track “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain“, which appears on Kendrick’s debut album, Section.80 (exclusively sold on iTunes). Wooldfsongs Ltd. reportedly claims that they would have like to settle out of court, however K. Dot and his legal team could not find a middle ground with the company. The lawsuit filed by the company requested and injunction for the distribution of the song.

While the west coast rapper never responded to the lawsuit, Jan. 2, court documents filed explains that Kendrick plans to settle the dispute. The documents states that the settlement will be presented to the court for approval by January 16th.

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Check out the court documents from The Jasmine Brand.