Actress Tamera Mowry took to her Twitter account over the weekend to announce her second baby with husband Adam Housley. As soon as she shared the Twitpic with her Clearblue pregnancy test showing that it came back positive, model Chrissy Teigen chimed in and threw some serious shade in Tamera’s direction. Tamera tweeted, “#ClearblueConfirmed with Baby #2!! Love @Clearblue’s pregnancy test that counted down with me until the result! #spon.”

Shortly after, Chrissy posted on her account, “How much money does clearblue pay celebs to instagram their piss sticks this seems lucrative.” In .5 seconds, Twitter caught onto the shots being fired and started coming for John Legend’s girlfriend’s life. She quickly denied the fact that she was throwing shade but we all know better than to believe her. Do you think she was shading Tamera or just “speaking her mind?!” Drop your comments below and check the Twitter drama over in the gallery. On a positive note though, congrats to Tamera and Adam on your second little blessing! So exciting.

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