NCAA Football: Boston College at Florida State

Despite almost being undefeated for another season, Jameis Winston didn’t have the best year.  FSU was demolished in the semifinal game against Oregon and won’t be playing in the National Championship next week and Winston’s name has been in the media for a multitude of off-the-field antics that could leave scouts unwilling to take a chance on him.  Winston is considering foregoing the NFL Draft this year and staying at FSU.

Shay Marie

via FanSided:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers own the N0. 1 pick in the NFL Draft and are followed by the Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders. Two of those teams need quarterbacks while the other two could be open to trading with a team willing to move up to draft a passer atop the draft board.

As it stands now, Marcus Mariota seems to be the consensus No. 1 overall pick, followed closely by Jameis Winston.

This doubt in Winston’s immediate NFL future is nothing new, but is gaining more steam thanks to a report starting to surface that those within Florida State are telling NFL teams at the top of the draft not to count on Jameis Winston declaring for the NFL Draft this year.

This makes a lot of sense, as the prospects for Winston’s future are not bright if he lands in Tampa Bay or Tennessee. The Bucs may select Marcus Mariota No. 1 overall, leaving Winston to drop to either the Titans at No. 2 overall or slip in the draft like Geno Smith.

Staying another year at Florida State would allow Winston to sharpen his skills, take another shot at a National Championship and try to erase the bad taste he had put in the mouths of scouts with his off-field antics.

There’s still a pretty decent chance that Winston declares for the draft, as he has until January 15th to make a final decision.