Kevin Gates must have been tired, because he pulled a bold move on this particular night.

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JaaiR (JR)
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Oh boy! This 2014 XXL Freshman was performing when he clearly saw a beauty in the audience. The young lady’s face lead his lips to her lips and her boyfriend lead his hand to Kevin Gates’ head. While KG simply brushed off the smack, one of his B.W.A. comrades (most likely) attempted to retaliate with a swing to the boyfriend’s face. Messin’ with another man’s woman will most definitely get a person touched, especially when you’re more than vocal about eatin’ booty. #IJS.

Check out the scene.

While the boyfriend was having none of that, the girlfriend seemed to be leaning towards KG. I could see the relationship problems that stemmed from this incident. Wonder who paid for the tickets…

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