NYPD Gun Selfie Aimed at #BlackBrunch Protestors

Ex-NYPD Officer Posts Gun-Pointing Selfie at #BlackBrunch Protestors as the new generation of revolution for #BlackLivesMatter has been turning it up a notch; from the streets and rallies to restaurants and afternoon dining spots across the country.

Ex-NYPD Officer Posts Gun-Pointing Selfie at #BlackBrunch Protestors as the fight to bring awareness to the problems and lives lost from police brutality are not slowing down, in fact they’re becoming more strategic.

Armed with a list of names of the deceased, groups have been marching to disrupt otherwise peaceful dining restaurants in brief but obvious demonstrations from New York to California. As of this weekend #BlackBrunch has been received with the spectrum of awkwardly placed onlookers, supporters (sometimes even from the management of the restaurant being disrupted), indifference, and straight up haters.

A more pressing reaction came as John Cardillo, an Ex-NYPD Officer Posts Gun-Pointing Selfie at #BlackBrunch Protestors which many agree took it way too far. (Check the gallery for the posts). John tweeted a picture of himself holding and aiming the barrel of his P226 pistol right at the camera lens with the caption, “I’m really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now #BlackBrunchNYC.”

Many responded by calling John “sick,” others his gun “sick,” others simply pointing out–“why all the hate?”–further noting some just need a reason to shoot at black people, which is full circle how we got here via #BlackLivesMatter. Since the Ex-NYPD Officer Posts Gun-Pointing Selfie at #BlackBrunch Protestors many stories have been written about the protests, including a ‘survival guide’ of sorts for anyone who finds themselves unexpectedly in the middle of a #BlackBrunch.

Suggestions include taking the 4-5 minutes of the reading of the names of the deceased to actually reflect on the issue, and not finishing your food until after the reading. John Cardillo called his gun-toting post “an experiment to point out the hypocrisy of the protestors.” Yea…or nah???

…He also posted a response to the controversy…with a bigger gun.


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