Obama for Free College

Some of you may be thinking, ‘but isn’t community college already free?’–NO it’s not!!! Peep game that higher education in America is *big business kid,* so news that Obama Announces Free Community College Proposal is politically something totally left lane…

Obama Announces Free Community College Proposal saying he’ll make two years of college free for “anyone who’s willing to work for it,” in effort to among other things make our workforce better competition to everyone else in the world. The announcement came via video posted to Facebook of the prez speaking about it on Air Force One.

“Fully implemented his proposal would save a full time community college student an average of $3,800 in tuition per year; and benefit about 9 million students per year if they earn good grades and stay on track to graduate.”

Seems like the POTUS has been exercising his HNIC arm a little more since announcing the repair of relations between US and Cuba to wrap up last year. (While economically the US can afford to provide a free 4-year degree for everyone in the country, even if for instance you took 1% of the defense budget), any effort to make education more accessible is duly noted. Obama Announces Free Community College Proposal comes at a time when credit and student loan debt are choking the life out of the so called “American Dream.”

Some are arguing this is exactly what’s needed, a more educated population–while others say it will bring down the emphasis of what we really need, a population with more work ethic. Some blast it as another example of Obama “systematically destroying the United States.” (So if he does this, the economy will fail again and it’ll be his fault people are lazy too). While social media trolls are always among us–the devil’s advocate of the situation does bring up good points, like how NOTHING is free, how will staff be paid and how long will this go on?

“White House Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Munoz said the proposal is a federal-state partnership, with federal funding covering 75 percent of the tuitions and participating states will be expected to pick up the rest of the tab.”

Mmm…something positive for the people, it’s a stretch for the world we live in. Note also this is just a proposal and can be shot down by Congress. (It’s already drawing criticism as “just talk” from his political peers). But what do you think of this? And if you haven’t already…you fittin’ to go to school?


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