Mayor's Weed Habit Rumors Started by NYPD

It’s reported The Bill de Blasio Smokes Weed Rumors Came from NYPD as speculation of ongoing ciphers continue and were recently brought up at a press conference in Brooklyn yesterday. (The speculation, not the cipher :p).

There’s been constant talk believe it or not during his entire tenure as New York City mayor, and it’s confirmed that The Bill de Blasio Smokes Weed Rumors Came from NYPD. We’ve definitely been witness to what’s looked like the police department vs. the mayor in a series of jabs and literally stand-offs, following police brutality protests and more notably the double murder of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. But this, not just one but a series of rumors surrounding the mayor, his wife, and some good ol’ Buddha monk…it’s beyond ridiculous now.

“Over the past year, we’ve heard from a broad array of sources—Democrats and Republicans; aides and operatives; journalists and flacks—about the mayor’s marijuana habit. For a rumor, the details have remained fairly consistent.”

It’s confirmed The Bill de Blasio Smokes Weed Rumors Came from NYPD due to a consistent stream of sources, apparently all word of the mayor’s alleged marijuana use has come from police protection around him. While the mayor answered a reporter in a press conference yesterday saying “I haven’t smoked weed since I was at NYU,” he’s still a marked man, so of course it still wouldn’t rest there. Still:

“Another consistent detail about these rumors is their source. Almost every person we spoke with indicated that they originated from cops assigned to protect the mayor, and were later promulgated by their colleagues in the police department.”

The Bill de Blasio Smokes Weed Rumors Came from NYPD and include stories like, he and wife Chirlane McCray “liked to smoke in either their Park Slope rowhouse or a secluded section of Prospect Park,” that de Blasio declined NYPD assigned security detail for fear of them being caught, and that the city’s first couple have smoked in Gracie Mansion. (Oh brother).

Whether or not its true, its obvious the NYPD is playing petty politics. “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.”

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