Iran Bans Rap Music

Say what? Iran Bans Rap Music as the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance announces an indefinite ban on Hip Hop concerts with some harsh political criticism.

A blow for anyone looking to go to a Hip Hop concert or any Hip Hop artists looking to do a show as Iran Bans Rap Music nationwide. The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Hussein Noosh-Abbadi is clinching an ongoing issue for the country by declining anymore rap concerts specifically from happening anywhere in the country–indefinitely. Saying overall, “this kind of Western music is a problem for our traditional music.”

Noosh-Abbadi adds to Iran Bans Rap Music by saying it “encourages wild behavior that could have a detrimental effect on society.” Where’s the love Noosh?

The present Hip Hop community in the country is asking the same as Iran Bans Rap Music directly affects them. (Imagine being an artist and not being able to do shows?). The underground Hip Hop scene in Iran is like so many other underground Hip Hop scenes around the world–deep. (We do this for the culture!). So the news of an indefinite ban hits the core for a lot of folks.

With the power of Hip Hop culture to transcend barriers it’s no surprise politicians and law enforcement act like this, but many choose to stifle its power for love, unity, and aspiration. After all, Hip Hop was created from people who had nothing and were expected to be nothing…here we are not even 50 years later at the helm of a billion dollar global industry and movements in every corner of the world. So an indefinite ban on the music–C’mon son!

“We don’t want to have it and we will prevent any unwanted incidents normally associated with such concerts and other events.”

Well, damn…Iran has put bans on certain music instruments, Twitter and Facebook before, this being the latest in the modern–traditional tug of war. Music acts previous to this announcement had to get an approval from the minister to do a show. Now it’s definitely a wrap :/

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