Boxer Adrien Broner went way off the deep end when he not only turned down Jay Z’s five-year, $40 million offer, he also ripped him and Roc Nation singer Rihanna.  Broner said things like Hov should suck his d*ck and that Rihanna can only offer him p*ssy.  Even fellow music mogul and boxing promoter 50 Cent said Broner shouldn’t have done it.  After thinking about it, receiving feedback from fans and a call from his “big homie”, Adrien Broner apologizes.

Shay Marie

Broner is usually never shy about speaking his mind but he totally shocked everyone when he went off on Jay Z.  He says he was insulted by the offer and insulted that Jay didn’t speak and negotiate with him personally but instead sent a “worker”.

But now, Broner says he spoke with someone he refers to as “The Big Homie” who explained why he was wrong to go after Jay and RiRi and now he wants to make things right.

“I’m a man at the end of the day,” Broner says … “I’m wrong and i can admit when I’m wrong.”

As for his explanation, Broner says “You never invite another man to another man’s private part. That’s just ridiculous.”  That definitely sounds like “big homie” advice.

Broner says if Jay wants to talk, he’s open to having a conversation, but he may be waiting for a while…

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