IFWT_Jay Z Adrien Broner

Apparently Adrien Broner isn’t done talking yet.  First he went off on Jay Z and Rihanna after Hov offered him a five-year $40 million contract with Roc Nation Sports, then Broner apologized and now he has something new to add.

Shay Marie

Initially Broner said things like Jay Z should suck his d*ck and that Rihanna can only offer him p*ssy.  He also said he was insulted by Jay Z’s offer citing that he’s worth more than $8 million a year for two fights.  In addition to that, he was insulted that Jay sent “workers” to speak to him rather than having a ‘boss to boss’ conversation with him personally.

After receiving some serious backlash and talking to his “big homie”, Broner apologized to both Jay Z and Rihanna, noting that what he said was “disrespectful” and he shouldn’t have said it.

Well TMZ Sports got him on videochat for another interview and while he continues to be apologetic for his comments, Broner maintains that he will never work with Jay Z although there’s no bad blood between them.  Broner says there’s no beef but he will stick with Al Haymon.  From his tone it also sounds like he doesn’t respect Jay Z in the boxing business.  I won’t put words in his mouth though, judge for yourself.