Congrats are in order for Machine Gun Kelly, who has officially been cast in his fourth acting role since he broke into the acting world just a little over a year ago. Following his breakout role in this fall’s Beyond The Lights, with 2 more films under his belt set to be released this year – a horror film titled Viral, and the sequel to the cult classic SLC Punk, Punk Is Dead – Colson ‘MGK’ Baker has landed a role in Showtime’s new pilot, ROADIES.

ROADIES will focus on the lives of a group of roadies on tour, and give “an inside look at the reckless, romantic, funny and often poignant lives of a committed group of characters who live for music and the de facto family they’ve formed along the way.” They’re currently filming a one-hour pilot in Vancouver (for a potential series,) with writer/director Cameron Crowe at the helm, and cast members among the likes of Luke Wilson, Christina Hendricks and more. Kells will be playing the role of Jesse, “Kelly Ann’s (Imogen Poots) big-hearted twin brother, who thrives around guitars and espresso machines.”

Marisa Mendez

“i’ve held this in for so long (at least it feels that way) and im so happy that Showtime/Warner Bros. announced my role in Cameron Crowe‘s new television series, Roadies,” MGK said of the new venture. “amongst the countless classics he has made, he wrote and directed what is probably my favorite film of all time, Almost Famous — (which is also tattoo’d on my stomach.) then to be able to have such a cool cast and production team and then JJ Abrams ! — my fans know how cool this is to me and I hope they are seeing that DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!!! you just gotta chase em harder/longer/farther then everyone else is willing to!!”

Source: LifeIsTremendez via Showtime