The topic of Lil Wayne has been on many tongues lately; with the non-release of Tha Carter V and the upcoming release of Sorry For The Wait 2. None of this has stopped the almost two decade music veteran. At this moment, we can only speculate that’s he’s on his way to becoming a no limit soldier, but we know for sure that as of late November, Weezy’s a Universal Zulu Nation member. Q-Tip officially welcomed Lil Wayne to the team and now, Lord Jamar claims that, “[Joining] symbolically puts a certain hip hop stamp on him.”

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Lord Jamar got a chance to sit down with VladTV, where he spoke on Lil Wayne, but not before breaking down the history of the ‘nation’. “The Universal Zulu Nation, that was basically a positive organization that was trying to be an answer to the gang violence going on in the streets,” he began. “So you had Afrika Bambaataa who was striving to make ‘Afrikinism’ cool.” The hip hop history lesson went on discuss some of the culture’s founding fathers.

Wanye’s been a part of the game so long, it’s time that he get’s his recognition of, “lineage” as Lord Jamar calls it. “Symbolically, it puts a certain hip hop stamp on him [Wayne] to say that he’s down with Zulu Nation,” he continues on the significance of the New Orleans rapper being a part of the group.

This is a cool move. All of the artists connected to the Zulu Nation are iconic greats. They’ve made their stamp, and it’s something that’s going to be known to hip hop acts and enthusiasts from now until forever.

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