Looks like Kevin Gates isn’t the only rapper making some social media changes. Chicagoan artist Lupe Fiasco hits up Twitter to make his dramatic exit from the 140-character speaking platform. After ruffling a few feathers with fellow artists Kid Cudi and Azealia Banks, the “Adoration of the Magi” rapper announces that he plans on falling back a bit, from “addressing the public directly.” We assume his ‘people’ or music will be handling any further communication with fans and media. Lupe, who’s use to re-tweeting and replying to current events online, claims to have never really been an ‘in-the-spotlight’ type.

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“I never really liked dealing with the public,” Lupe Fiasco tweets out. “My recording career thus far put me in a place where i had to for promotion etc.,” which could explain this entire ordeal. He’s days away from the released of his previously pushed back album, Tetsuo And Youth. Let’s just call his interaction with social media-goers, promotion.

Check out the gallery for more of Lupe’s ranting.

I don’t see how Lupe distancing himself from the public will work. I would love to hear his logic. How will fans feel?