Chipotle Stops Serving Pork

Is there really a shortage or is there really a health problem??? Chipotle Stops Serving Pork at hundreds of their restaurants leaving a lot of ‘hangry’ customers hanging not to mention a lot of eyebrows raised. What’s the deal???

You can relax though…the real reason the Mexican grill–fast food chain Chipotle Stops Serving Pork in a third of their restaurants nationwide (and growing), is their pork supplier is “not up to their standards.” –no not of health and safety for YOU…rather, the pigs.

…yea. Chipotle Stops Serving Pork in order to re-arrange their pork supplier to a company who is more in line with their company policies and ethics about animal housing and cruelty.

“Chipotle demands that its suppliers raise pigs in humane conditions with access to the outdoors, rather than in cramped pens.”

While customers who may have had all their hopes and dreams on a bad day hinging on a pork-filled burrito…only to find one of hundreds of “Sorry, No Carnitas” signs posted to ordering windows, this still comes as sad news. Some say however, the company has not always been as “responsible” about it’s meat handling as they claim. Citing specifically the ‘conventionally raised beef’ they serve because Chipotle has “trouble securing supplies of beef raised without antibiotics or hormones.” (Umm…eww…)

The Denver based company is looking to get back on it’s feet as soon as possible, but until further notice, “Sorry, No Carnitas!”–Chipotle Stops Serving Pork.

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