This could be the game changer prosecutors in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial were looking for. Although it at least seems there is alot of evidence against Hernandez in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd, many legal “experts” say most of it is circumstantial, giving Hernandez a slight dream that he might beat the charges. There are reports now however that all of those dreams may crash down on him as his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins seems to be working on a private deal with prosecutors that would allow her to skip jail time on her perjury charge, which means should would flip and testify against her man!


Lawyers defending former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez against a Bristol County murder charge are trying to find out if Hernandez’s fiancée has made a deal with the prosecution.

The lawyers filed a motion before Bristol Superior Court Judge Susan E. Garsh, asking for her to “disclose forthwith all promises, rewards, or inducements” made to Shayanna Jenkins and another witness.

Whether the promises are formal or informal, current or prospective, “the defendant has a right to be informed of same and such disclosure should be made forthwith,” the lawyers said in the filing.

The Globe reported last week that Jenkins had a confidential meeting with prosecutors, her lawyer, and Bristol prosecutors, suggesting she might be poised to incriminate Hernandez.

Jenkins has been charged with lying to the grand jury that charged Hernandez with murder.

If this happens you can pretty much say lights out for Hernandez.